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The success story of Cantolao Soccer

The hard work and detection of Academia Deportiva Cantolao is seen in the reflection of the fruits of their labors. Developing of players and having them called to our different Peruvian National Teams and many professional soccer teams.  Here are some of the players that have gone through the Cantolao program and today they are participating in important and demanding foreign leagues around the world: Claudio Pizarro (Germany), Miguel Rebosio (Spain). Gianfranco Labarthe (England), Juan Mariños (Argentina), Donny Neyra (Argentina) and Jean Ferrari (Colombia).

Claudio Pizarro is one of the best forwards in the world. He played in Cantolao and today he is a super star of Bayer Munich.

At the local professional soccer level  we have: Johnny Fertile valleys, Luis Guadalupe, Francisco Bazán, Rafael Villanueva, Luis Hernandez, Francisco Hernandez, Miguel Zagaceta Angel, Robert Leon, Salomón Libman, Carlos Zegarra, Abel Lobatón, Carlos Lobatón, Jorge Mirror, Carlos Benavides, Juan Flowers, Raul Oaks, Junior Viza, Gino Perez, Luis Ramirez, Christian Vaupel, Alonso Medrano, Ryan Salazar, Diego Martinez, Wilmer Ricardi, Jerry Tamashiro, Carlos Flowers, Jorge Huamán, Paolo of the Haza and to Jose Corcuera considered like the revelation of the match of year 2002.


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